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  • Approach to Sharing the Gospel Matters

Your Approach to Defending the Gospel Matters

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“What I'm about to preach, you will never remember. What you have just seen, you will never forget.” Author unknown Biblical Christianity maintains that there is content to the Christian message - we call

  • Baptism

Do believers in Believer’s Baptism really believe in Believer’s Baptism?

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The biblical doctrine of water baptism has taken a beating.  Christians disagree on its function, its form, and the appropriate age and circumstances required to be baptized.  And I doubt the global church will

  • Fight

How to Fight Well (with another Believer)

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A Christian friend recently admitted of conflict resolution: “I need to learn to fight better!”  Very true. Christians fight.  We always have and we always will until Jesus takes us home! We fight in

  • When spiritual gifts become toxic

When spiritual gifts become toxic

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By grace, God has dispensed unique spiritual gifts to his people that are intended to bring him glory and benefit the church. Lists of gifts occur in several places in the New Testament (Rom.

  • Why are there so many stupid people?

Why are there so many stupid people?

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I once had a parent bring their child to me after a sermon with this question: “Pastor, why did you use the word ‘stupid’ in your sermon?”  I snickered inside as I recalled the

  • How to listen to sermons

How to listen to sermons

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Preachers spend thousands of hours of their lives learning sermon theory, preparing sermons, writing and reading books on sermons, and preaching sermons.  And, to the degree that a sermon delivers God’s Word, spiritual fruit