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  • Stress

Managing Stress in Ministry

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A few years back I hit a wall. I was tired, stressed and anxious about the prospect of returning to church ministry after a vacation. I shut down; my

  • Primary Identity

Desperate for Primary Identity

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How should I describe myself to you?  Would this suffice: Anglophone, of Irish-English descent, and Canadian?  Is that sufficient, or should I say more? What is my primary identity?

  • Trust and Distrust

The Cure for Distrust

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Trust is critical to the success of every relationship. When I was a young boy, I was fascinated with novels about sled dogs and wolves.  I read stories about

  • Self-Righteousness

The Subtle Sin of Self-Righteousness

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I have often caught myself thinking ill of another believer’s actions, and then the Holy Spirit makes me aware of my own glaring flaws.  Can you relate? Every seasoned

  • Tension

Tension in Worship

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Have you ever been told your worship life should look more like your participation at a sporting event - more passion, more engagement, more joy? And have you ever

  • Cannibas

Canada and Cannabis

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The Canadian government has chosen to legalize the recreational use of cannabis (marijuana). This differs from medical marijuana use in that it permits Canadians to smoke weed for pleasure.

  • Sellout

Are you Sold Out or a Sellout?

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Life can be very, very good. Set aside the long lines at the drive-thru, the disturbing fact that the local ice cream shop closes at 8:00 PM, and the

Jesus Helps Us Look Past Death

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Grief is Inevitable Over 300 years ago, Christopher Bullock (1716) wrote, “Tis impossible to be sure of anything but death and taxes.”  His observation resonated with people. The saying

  • Leadership

Church Leadership 101

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In today’s Christian culture, leadership has become a highly studied and thoroughly debated topic.  More than ever, it seems, church leaders are turning to worldly ideologies and philosophies to

  • Meaning

I Feel like Dying

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Have you ever been so overwhelmed by life that you have considered suicide?  Have you ever felt as though your life has no meaning and you would rather be

  • Minding the Gap

Minding the Gap for Ministry

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A common belief pertaining to understanding Scripture is: when reading the Bible it is always best to take the plain, literal meaning of the text. But is it always

  • Tall Poppy Syndrome

Do you have Tall Poppy Syndrome?

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I was recently introduced to a cultural term-Tall Poppy Syndrome-which was new to me but which expresses a phenomenon I have repeatedly observed.  It is a term that expresses

  • Uniqueness of Jesus of Nazareth

The Uniqueness of Jesus of Nazareth

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Jesus of Nazareth is perhaps the most debated and intriguing Person in all of history. He continues to be the subject of scholarly investigation and research. There is a

  • Visible Worship

Visible Worship Glorifies God!

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Showiness in worship robs God of his glory, but so does a lack of visible display. Along with a contrite heart, prayerful dependence, and a response to the Word

  • The Armchair Theologian

The Armchair Theologian

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Pastors, imagine if we could preach our sermons through metal screens, scamper backstage, collect a paycheque, bolt out the door and never look anyone in the eye.  How awesome

  • worship leader

What is a Worship Leader?

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Let’s be honest, we talk about worship a lot in church: How many hymns should still be sung on a Sunday? How loud should we be? Are lights and

  • distorted identity

A Distorted Identity

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The pursuit of self-discovery can exhaust and distort the identity believers find hidden in Christ (Col. 3:1-4). Confusion can be further magnified with poor theological understanding and twisted interpretations

  • loving sinners

Loving Sinners

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Loving sinners comes both naturally and unnaturally to me.  Having grown up in a Mennonite culture that was deeply insecure, I developed a heart for the socially unlovable because

  • worship

Do This

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At the heart of the questions about worship ministry that I frequently get asked is this: What is the most important thing I must do as a Worship Leader?

  • When spiritual gifts become toxic

When spiritual gifts become toxic

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By grace, God has dispensed unique spiritual gifts to his people that are intended to bring him glory and benefit the church. Lists of gifts occur in several places

  • How to listen to sermons

How to listen to sermons

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Preachers spend thousands of hours of their lives learning sermon theory, preparing sermons, writing and reading books on sermons, and preaching sermons.  And, to the degree that a sermon