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  • Tension

Tension in Worship

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Have you ever been told your worship life should look more like your participation at a sporting event - more passion, more engagement, more joy? And have you ever felt at a loss as

  • Cannibas

Canada and Cannabis

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The Canadian government has chosen to legalize the recreational use of cannabis (marijuana). This differs from medical marijuana use in that it permits Canadians to smoke weed for pleasure.  The stated reasons include: (1)

  • Dating unbelievers

Dating Unbelievers and What it Says About You

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When I was a teenager, I made the brief mistake of dating an unbeliever.  I was sure about my faith in Jesus Christ, but the attraction of a girl I met at school melted

  • Sellout

Are you Sold Out or a Sellout?

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Life can be very, very good. Set aside the long lines at the drive-thru, the disturbing fact that the local ice cream shop closes at 8:00 PM, and the high price of gasoline, and

Christian Mothers are Equipped to Love!

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Am I equipped to be a mother?   Do I have what it takes?  Will I repeat the same mistakes my mother made?   What if I mess up my child?   I don’t think

Jesus Helps Us Look Past Death

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Grief is Inevitable Over 300 years ago, Christopher Bullock (1716) wrote, “Tis impossible to be sure of anything but death and taxes.”  His observation resonated with people. The saying took hold and prevails to

  • Leadership

Church Leadership 101

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In today’s Christian culture, leadership has become a highly studied and thoroughly debated topic.  More than ever, it seems, church leaders are turning to worldly ideologies and philosophies to determine strategies and define success.

  • Meaning

I Feel like Dying

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Have you ever been so overwhelmed by life that you have considered suicide?  Have you ever felt as though your life has no meaning and you would rather be dead?  If you have answered

  • Minding the Gap

Minding the Gap for Ministry

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A common belief pertaining to understanding Scripture is: when reading the Bible it is always best to take the plain, literal meaning of the text. But is it always that simple? Take, for example,

  • Tall Poppy Syndrome

Do you have Tall Poppy Syndrome?

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I was recently introduced to a cultural term-Tall Poppy Syndrome-which was new to me but which expresses a phenomenon I have repeatedly observed.  It is a term that expresses a cultural notion, prevalent in

  • Uniqueness of Jesus of Nazareth

The Uniqueness of Jesus of Nazareth

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Jesus of Nazareth is perhaps the most debated and intriguing Person in all of history. He continues to be the subject of scholarly investigation and research. There is a magnetism about Jesus - He

  • The Healing Promise of the Resurrection

The Healing Promise of the Resurrection

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I have rarely taken painkillers, but I am very glad they exist! I once tried the tough guy approach under a dentist’s drill by refusing freezing (hey, you only live once, right?), but I