If you tell a lie often enough people will believe it.


1/ There is no evidence for God.

2/ The Bible is outdated.

3/ Love means accepting all choices as valid.

4/ Sex before marriage ensures compatibility.

5/ I am owed a free education.

6/ Gender is assigned.

7/ Truth is relative.

8/ I can do what I want with my body.

9/ I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

10/ Porn is harmless.

11/ Suffering has no value & must be eliminated.

12/ Submission to authority is oppressive.

13/ Suicide is a respectable choice.

14/ Mental health issues never have any connection to sin.

15/ Unborn babies are not fully human.

16/ Poverty is strictly a financial issue.

17/ It is society’s job to educate children.

18/ Men are most likely to abuse women.

19/ Women are usually the victims.

20/ If I’m suffering, I should be able to end my life.

21/ The government should provide all my needs.

22/ Employees are virtuous & employers are oppressive.

23/ Atheism & secularism are not religions.

24/ Jesus was a socialist.

25/ Jesus was a capitalist.

26/ We should agree to disagree on everything.

27/ If you are old & unproductive you should die.

28/ We can bring peace to the world through social reform.

29/ Animals are equal to humans.

30/ Eating meat is sinful.

31/ Globalism will bring unity & end oppression.

32/ War is always wrong.

33/ People who refuse to work should still be fed.

34/ Prisoners should never be punished, only reeducated.

35/ There is no justification for capital punishment.

36/ God will let you into heaven if you are very good.

37/ Giving $20 to a charity is generous.

38/ God hears everyone’s prayers.

39/ Equality is only possible in the absence of hierarchy.

40/ Emptying your mind will relieve stress & anxiety.

41/ If you have an emotional problem your physician can fix it.

42/ Drunkenness is okay.

43/ You should give children freedom to choose their beliefs.

44/ People are able to arrive at truth apart from an objective moral code.

45/ Follow your heart.

46/ If it feels good, do it.

47/ Children are a hassle.

48/ University education is necessary for success.

49/ Diversity is of greater importance than rewarding for merit.

50/ I can’t help it because I am a victim.

51/ Culture is a morally-neutral word.

52/ Chastity is a death sentence.

53/ Religion is mere sentimentality.

54/ You should respect every choice.

55/ There are many paths to heaven.

56/ We are born innocent.

57/ All rich people are bad.

58/ Animals have the same emotions as humans.

59/ Nobody should tell you what to do.

60/ Child discipline is abusive.

61/ Being confronted is always an act of bullying.

62/ Science is the highest truth.

63/ Matter randomly arose from nothingness.

64/ Humanity can save the planet.

65/ All taxation is oppressive.

66/ The government knows best.

67/ All journalism is objective.

68/ If I read it Online it must be true.

69/ Humans evolved from apes.

70/ Grace & consequences cannot coexist.

71/ Children should not work.

72/ Retirement is a right & necessity.

73/ The universe is infinite.

74/ The Bible has been changed.

75/ No one should ever fail in school.

76/ If you fail, it’s your teacher’s fault.

77/ Reality is an illusion.

78/ We should tolerate everyone’s opinion & choices.

79/ Violence is never redemptive.

80/ Leaders are merely facilitators.

81/ Art is morally neutral.

82/ Good art is primarily self-expression.

83/ There is only one person on Earth for you to marry.

84/ Everything is a conspiracy.

85/ Hell isn’t real.

86/ Sports will always improve a child’s self esteem.

87/ A man has no say over his unborn child.

88/ Everyone is beautiful on the outside.

89/ Everyone is beautiful on the inside.

90/ Only some people groups are racists.

91/ There is light at the end of every tunnel.

92/ As long as it makes you happy…

93/ Tobacco is bad, marijuana is good.

94/ Playing the lottery contributes to the good of society.

95/ Ignorance is always bliss.

96/ There is no life after death.

97/ Power is supreme so pursue it at all costs.

98/ Money satisfies.

99/ I have a free will unencumbered by sin.

100/ I am in control of my destiny.

If you tell people the truth, they can be transformed by it!

#pursuitofglory #enoughisenough

-Aaron Rock