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Our Hope

Fallen humanity has a relentless appetite for self-glory (Rom.1:23). Through the transforming work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, redeemed humanity rediscovers that the mission of God is the glory of God (Is. 48:11), and he will not share it with another. This is the pursuit of the church, to encounter the glory of God’s manifest presence, to display it in word and deed, and make it our mission to point others to his marvellous glory (Phil. 2:11).


FOUNDATIONAL CONVICTIONS: Things we should die for

  • The eternal triunity of Father, Son & Holy Spirit who exist as three persons in one essence.

  • The inspiration, inerrancy, infallibility and authority of the 66 books of the Bible.

  • Salvation is by grace through faith alone in the all-sufficient death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • The full humanity and full divinity of Jesus Christ.

  • The virgin birth and sinlessness of Jesus Christ.

  • The second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to judge the world.

  • Eternal life for the redeemed and eternal death for the lost.


  • Reformed view of God and salvation.

  • Creation by a direct act of God.

  • Making disciples through church planting and building.

  • Complementarianism in church and home.

  • Godly, elder led churches.

  • Believer’s baptism.


Dr. Aaron Rock

Founding Contributor
(B.Th., M.Div., D.Min., M.Th.)
Lead pastor - Harvest Windsor
Email: leadpastor@harvestwindsor.ca

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