1/ Because no secular politician loves the church like believers do.
2/ Because our ultimate kingly authority is Christ.
3/ Because our governmental system actually invites opposition.
4/ Because we have the ability to protest respectfully and lovingly.
5/ Because the Great Commission demands that we go out into the world, make disciples and baptize people.
6/ Because in Canada we aren’t ruled, we’re governed.
7/ Because people cannot exist in isolation.
8/ Because humility isn’t passivity.
9/ Because suicides are up.
10/ Because church ordinances require meeting.
11/ Because the curve is flattened.
12/ Because we have godly medical professionals in our churches to advise us.
13/ Because life is never free from risk.
14/ Because we have patiently waited for months.
15/ Because retail stores are open.
16/ Because we do not live by bread alone.
17/ Because the Beer Store is open.
18/ Because waiting for a year+ for a vaccine is impossible.
19/ Because people need accountability to grow spiritually.
20/ Because God manifests himself among his gathered people.
21/ Because church discipline cannot be done in isolation.
22/ Because we have Charter rights.
23/ Because the onus is on the government to prove their case when invoking emergency measures.
24/ Because spiritual powers manipulate politicians.
25/ Because fear leads to irrationality.
26/ Because people need to work to survive.
27/ Because it is inhumane for people to suffer alone.
28/ Because we are more than an essential service.
29/ Because historically, prolonged emergency measures can lead to tyranny.
30/ Because our forbearers died for freedom.
31/ Because domestic abuse is up.
32/ Because Romans 13 does not preclude it.
33/ Because Acts 5 illustrates it.
34/ Because our hospitals are empty.
35/ Because food supplies will fail.
36/ Because people will refuse work if given substantial government handouts.
37/ Because several politicians agree that we should.
38/ Because we are each responsible adults.
39/ Because sickness is unavoidable.
40/ Because the church has been forgotten.
41/ Because Hebrews 10:25 requires it.
42/ Because we must display resurrection hope to the hopeless.
43/ Because new converts need discipleship.
44/ Because the judiciary is effectively closed and that should concern us.
45/ Because technocrats do not see the big picture.
46/ Because Jesus exposed himself and his disciples to disease.
47/ Because families must fellowship together.
48/ Because civilizations thrive on diverse opinions.
49/ Because “zero” is an unreasonable number for church meetings.
50/ Because we can always stop meeting again if necessary.