They say a picture is worth a thousand words! How true that is. Pictures capture moments in history and memories worth preserving. But pictures can also portray the state of our hearts. Increasingly social media has become a venue to display the attitudes of our hearts through visual means, communicating in a thousand ways humility or vanity, modesty or explicit sexuality, confidence or a diminished view of self, a desire to put others first or a desperate cry for affirmation.

How do the pictures you post display the attitudes of your heart? Consider reviewing your social media pictures to see if they align with the following principles:

What to Post on Social Media

1/ Post pictures that celebrate the blessing of your marriage or your family.
2/ Post pictures of groups of people that celebrate friendships and community.
3/ Post authentic pictures that display your appearance in real life situations.
4/ Post pictures of sacred events including people in worship, prayer or service.
5/ Post humorous pictures that bring joy to others.
6/ Post pictures of Creation that put the artistry of God on display.
7/ Post pictures of other’s accomplishments.

What Not to Post on Social Media

1/ Don’t post pictures that deliberately display your physique.
2/ Don’t display pictures that might sexually arouse others.
3/ Don’t clutter up your photos with multiple selfies to the exclusion of others.
4/ Don’t post pictures that require feedback or affirmation from others.
5/ Don’t post doctored photos that make you look better than you actually are.
6/ Don’t post graphic or grotesque photos that aren’t suitable for people of all ages.
7/ Don’t post pictures of your own accomplishments.

By following these principles, we avoid the sin of vanity and the emptiness that results from it, and we receive the blessings that flow from humility, communal life and a desire to put God and others first in a thousand different ways.